Our policy is to encourage local food suppliers and to promote production and consumption of local food. Therefore, we use the ingredients produced in Fukuoka prefecture.

B’s Ruling Passion

B’s Ruling Passion

To increase our confidence in indredients and taste and to pursuit the quality control, we use safe and tasty pork produced in Fukuoka prefecture.



We use Haipo pork, which has the wonderful balance between sweet fat meat and good red meat. Only pork steak is on our menu.

Passion for Hospitality

Passion for Hospitality

Enjoy our pork steak of highest quality to your heart’s content.

About Shop

About Shop

4 minutes’ walk from the south gate of Kokura station. Very convenient restaurant on the ground floor in Uo-machi, Kokura.

PORK STEAK PLEASE Enjoy sizzling pork steak done in 3 minutes. PORK STEAK PLEASE Enjoy sizzling pork steak done in 3 minutes.

  • Perticular Cutting

    Perticular Cutting

    New taste and texture are estblised by our original meat cutting manner and calculated distribution of fat meat.

  • 3 Minutes’ Grill with Strong Fire.

    3 Minutes’ Grill with Strong Fire.

    Grill the best pork sealing in delicious taste and juice.

  • 盛りつけは丁寧に

    Beautiful Dish Setout

    Grand completion with the best pork steak on the mat of fried, sliced sweet onion on the serving grill.

  • 豚ステーキの到着


    Rice and miso soup are served at the same time. We deal with an order quickly and kindly.