B’s Ruling Passion

Secret of Taste

[Origin and Characteristics]

Our policy is to encourage local producers and to promote production and consumption of local food. So we use only high quality pork produced in Fukuoka prefecture.
The pork we use has the greatest balance between sweet fat meat and good read meat.
To increase our confidence in indredients and taste and to pursuit the quality control, we limited our menu to only pork steak.

[Positive Effects]

Pork richly contains vitamin B1 which has beneficial effects on recovery from physical exhaustion or summer weariness and on disposal of lactic acid from your body.
Pork gives a good effect for those who are tired from work or exercises.
Besides, good protein helps to make moistured, resilient skin. Pork is a source of beautiful skin.


We use rice produced in Fukuoka prefecture.

[Miso Soup]

We use Rausu konbu (kelp), which is called the king of kelp, to make broth. The broth is rich and has great savor.
Miso is produced by an authentic producer in Fukuoka, which was established in 1916. The miso is naturally matured and contains no additives.

Passion for Hospitality

Enjoy fully delicious pork steak

The pork (Haipo pork produced in Fukuoka) steak is cut with our original method to create best texture. It is cooked in 3 munites and served on a sizzling grill.

We always make effort to cosider and take care of our customers so as to have them leave the restaurants with big smiles.

That is our hospitality.